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Polyequestrian Hayfeeder

Easy to fit Hayfeeder


The Hayfeeder fits securely in the corner of the stable enabling your horse to feed in the natural position, ie from the floor. This allows correct neck muscles to develop. As the airways are on the correct position respiration is helped and sinus’s drain down. Teeth are aligned correctly reducing dental problems.

Using a Polyequestrian Hayfeeder also reduces incidents with Haynets, tangles, etc. and keeps feed neatly in the corner and separate from bedding.

It is easy to fill and easy to clean.

To fit , simply screw in place using the 4 holes down each side of the Hayfeeder. We recommend that its fitted a couple of inches of the floor for ease of cleaning.

Dimensions are 105 cm Wide, 98 cm High and 28cm deep.Available in Pink, Purple, Light Blue, Light Green, Red and Black.

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